Get access to PerúSAT-1 satellite images

Welcome to the PerúSAT-1 website
The PerúSAT-1 Customer Office allows you to access Earth Observation images from PerúSAT-1, or SPOT 6/7, Pléiades HR and TerrraSAR-X satellites. You can also program new images acquisitions on PerúSAT-1.

Please click on the above link to access the PerúSAT-1 Customer Office.
Access to this system is restricted to registered users. On your first visit, please click on the "Register" button of the Sign-in window, and fill the registration form. A registration confirmation notice will be sent to you shortly, together with your login and password.

Please note that for using the PerúSAT-1 Customer Office, your computer and web browser shall enable use of Java V1.7.
Navigation is possible with Internet Explorer (V.11 or higher) or Firefox (V.32 or higher).
Should your configuration not allow such navigation, you may download a specific application.

Contact support:
For any assistance or question regarding this service, please contact our Help Desk:
Email: atencionalcliente@conida.gob.pe
Phone: (511) 416-2585